Mamá Fela, “I never thought at 80 I’d learn such a valuable lesson.”

Five years ago, at 80-years-old my grandmother, Mamá Fela, experienced many firsts.

After Papá Tony passed away, Mamá began to live differently. It took some time. After she found peace with his passing something in her sparked. I believe it wasn’t until then she realized the value of life. And, how important it is to LIVE it.

Thanks to my late Tío Jacobo who convinced her to get on a plane. She put aside her fears of the unknown, her fear of flying and took off into the sky to visit her daughter, my mother, landing in Brooklyn, New York.

An experience where she attained many firsts.

First time out of Ponce.

First time out of Puerto Rico.

First plane ride.

First train ride.

First NY hotdog.

First time in Brooklyn.

First time in a Big City.

First time seeing Hasidic Jews.

First time seeing people of India.

First time seeing so many diverse cultures together in one neighborhood.

First time seeing where her daughter and her son-in-law, my parents, called Home.

First time seeing/understanding why they left Puerto Rico 40 years ago.

“I never thought at 80 I’d learn such a valuable lesson.

If you ever think it is too late to try something for the first time, let this be a reminder the time to do it will always be Now. Set aside that fear.”

Acknowledge and Conquer whatever emotion is anchoring you. Get out of your head. Leap forward. Trust in yourself. Trust in life. It may take time to conquer, however, remember if you’re not ready …

It’ll never be too late and you’ll never be too “old”.

Thank You for La Bendición, Mamá Fela.



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