How I’d love to have listened to HER-story.

Llega a mi vista tú bella sonrisa.

While riding on the free trolley around Old San Juan, Puerto Rico this beautiful Smile appears to my sight. I quickly stand up. Grab my camera and snap this photo.

Her happiness is magical. Her smile gave Life. Her eyes made me wonder.

It was worth getting scolded by the bus driver to take my seat for that moment of inspiration. I got off the trolley on the very next stop. Ran over to that street corner in hopes to show her this photo. But, she was gone. Disappeared inside that window. In her home probably making her afternoon café con leche.

Oh, how I’d love to sit with her over coffee and hear her advice, I thought. However, I am forever grateful to the Universe for allowing me to experience that moment of Life’s Art.

Thank You for giving una Bendición of inspiration, Beautiful.


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