Meet Guillermo and his beautiful energy at 82!

We feel the Love of strangers with the things they do that affect us without our knowledge … or things we do, that affect them.

Wandering through Central De Lima. In awe of all the beautiful old architecture. The Cathedrals and buildings all dressed in Spanish Colonial Era. They were all maintained so well. It felt like a step back in time. Truly amazing. Conversely, it was busy with Peruanos trying to get to work, tourist, and what seemed to be mid-day traffic. Cars everywhere.

I decide to make my way out of there. Literally walked a path less traveled. Everyone was going in one direction, so that only meant to go in the other direction. In doing so there was, what a New Yorker would describe as a flea-market in a clean alley. It was a small street wedged in between two buildings. There was a setup of tables. A handful of hand-crafters selling their work and a few others selling collectibles.

In the very center, a man with a few open books on a wooden dinner table. The books looked like worn and torn picture albums. Intrigued. I get closer to find he was selling his stamp collection. Not interested in stamps, I begin to step away when he begins to talk.

“When I was a kid, and by kid I mean even at your age, I was collecting stamps to be rich. They said these would be worth a lot of money one day.”

He asked where am from. “I know your Latin, but you’re not Peruvian.” I reply “I am Puerto Rican.” He responds with a huge smile. “I love Puerto Rican women. Rarely see them in person. Always saw them on the TV in movies.” To my surprise he begins to sing the Puerto Rican National Anthem and I, of course, join him. Together we sang our hearts out to Puerto Rico; a country he’s never been to and to one I wasn’t born in however, one we shared a Love for.

We shared an unforgettable moment in time. He asked for a hug after we took a picture together, Thank Goodness to the stranger taking our photo that she also took this one. It literally captures the joy, the embrace, the love we had for each other despite being strangers before we begun talking.

Guillermo, Thank You for the Bendición of sharing your Joy-full energy.

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