The Valuable lesson behind Zoraida’s smile.

She sat hopelessly on a crate as everyone walked past. With no success she attempted to sell baby hats she crocheted.

I went over to ask her name in an attempt to make her feel present. “Zoraida” she replied. We had small talk.

Zoraida was crocheting baby hats to sell as a means to make money. I asked if I could buy her a meal. With hesitation and very humble replied,

“Si, a tí te gustaría hacer eso pues me compras un pollito y papas.” (‘If you’d like to do that, well, you can buy me a little chicken and fries.’)

I returned with chicken and fries from the restaurant a few feet away from where she was selling her hats. She cracked a big smile and reached up for a high-five.

Her smile was Everything. Her smile was generous. It was contagious. It was an insight into her happy Soul.

The Bendición I received with this experience was:

“Use your smile to change the World. Don’t let the World change your smile. “

Thank You Zoraida, for the Bendición of your beauty-full Smile.

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