“I’d risk my life all over again for my family.” – 72, Sixto Carillo

There’s so much to learn from Sixto and his ultimate sacrifice. Please take with You any and all the lessons from Sixto’s story.

“I’m on a twenty-five year plan. I have five years to go. My wife and I made the hardest decision of our lives. To sacrifice being apart from each other with the goal to create a better life for our family. We were both afraid of the risks that come with crossing the border, especially with our children. I left Mexico on my own to come to New York for financial freedom. I risked my life coming here.

I won’t tell you all the details. You pay someone to take you as close as possible to the border. You pay whether you make it across or not. There were days without food. People got desperate and began to fight and even rob each other.

It was rough but, worth the sacrifice. By selling ice cream in the summer months and finding pickup jobs during the colder months, I was able to purchase my own land in Mexico for my family. We built a home. And, now my wife is growing her own food.

I live in a shared apartment here in New York. I have my own bedroom and share the kitchen, bathroom and livingroom with other immigrants.

Only five years to go. I’m excited and nervous to see my family again. It’ll be twenty-five years when I do see them again. We talk every day.

I’d say to any young couple starting to raise a family, gain financial freedom by working for yourself, buy property, and grow your own food. Trust your partner and stick to the plan. It gets very hard. It gets lonely. You just keep the goal in mind.

To be honest, as much as we’ve waited for that day to come, I’m scared for the journey back home. I pray to God the last step of my plan goes well. Whatever happens, I’d risk my life all over again for my family.”

– Thank You for your Bendición, Sixto.

Safe journey home.


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