“I’m 72 and I don’t regret having many women … at the sametime…” –  José María

Well, José María has a different perspective on relationships. However, he did make some sort of sense to me… as long as everyone involved is in agreeance.

“I’m 72 and I don’t regret having many women in my lifetime at the same time. I would tell the younger generation if you want multiple partners, do it. Don’t let society make you feel that it is wrong. Because when you die, you die alone.

In fact, my name is José, but my friends call me José María. At one point I was bringing a new Lady-friend around the guys a few times a month. One of the guys jokingly said we’re going to have to name all your girls María so we don’t accidentally call one by another one’s name. We couldn’t stop laughing. It was such a good laugh. After that, the name stuck with me.

Everyone has their own belief. Some believe in having one partner their entire life. And, others believe in having multiple partners, like myself. I respect all the women I engage in a relationship with. I recently got thrown out of the house for starting a new relationship. She knew, she always knew. She wasn’t open to the idea anymore. Most of the time I am open about my belief right away. Other times, it takes a little longer to bring that up. Ha! “

Thank You for your Bendición on relationship perspective “José María”


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