“Women have the gift of … The kind we have no idea exist until we need it.” – Dolly

My neighbor Dolly, she is quite the Warrior. I had to ask the secret on being able to maintain strong throughout it all; and what advice she has for Women dealing with some of life’s hardships.

“God gives us, Women, the gift of Strength. The kind of strength I didn’t know was in me; until I needed it.

The strength,

the strength to carry a child,

the strength to labor a child,

the strength to deal with my husband’s, grandson’s, and  brother’s deaths months apart. And, the strength to battle Breast Cancer.

You, they, we, will find the gift too, a Women’s strength is in us all.”

Warrior, we look up to You. Continue smiling as you put up a good fight! Thank You for your Bendición, Dolly.

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