“At some point, you get tired of people taking advantage. You have to …”

Is there any advice you’d give your younger self?

Ha! So many.  I don’t regret any of my decisions. The one that I feel strongest about is a lesson I should have applied earlier in my life. It probably would have saved a few relationships. I struggled most with people taking advantage of me. I know I had a big role in that. I would say I’m too kind — was too kind. I enjoyed being kind. Didn’t mind people asking me for favors or helping with anything. It was when people were unappreciative of it. Or, when people got comfortable. Those actions took away from the pleasure of helping. I started to get mad at people. Anger started to build in me.

I thought one day ¡Se acabó lo que se daba! –  ‘What was given is Over!’

I changed my ways. I didn’t make myself available to people the way I used to. I learned I was in full control of how I let people treat me. And, I didn’t have to change the way I wanted to be. It’s who I am. I had to learn to there are some people worth helping and others simply not worth it. There’s a difference. Lost a few  relationships because of my changed ways. And, that’s okay.  I am happy.

Be yourself, people will adapt to you and respect you for it !

Thank You for your Bendición Cubana


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