“I almost lost my wife in pursuit of …” – 80, Cuban Artist Pedro Gonzales Ferenandez

The journey for an artist is typically rough.  What is your artistic journey?

“It was very emotional.

I made my living as a shoe salesman. I was able to afford my wife to stay home and raise our  children. We had everything we needed. But, I hated it. As a kid I never thought I’d be anything other than an Artist. Growing up in Cuba under Fidel Castro it was difficult to pursue a career in the arts.”

(Pedro made these paintings the day after Fidel Castro passed away. Fidel didn’t approve of his images being sold. Even after his death Pedro respects Fidel’s wishes and refuses to reproduce these paintings to sell them.)

“When my children were in high school I quit my job as a shoe salesman. I didn’t tell my wife. I rented a studio, got supplies and painted these paintings I have here in my notepad. I went out to the streets to sell them. The business was up and down. When I wasn’t able to make ends meet the truth came out. My wife was very upset with me and threatened to leave me if I didn’t make the next three months rent on time.”


“I had so much to prove. Put all my passion into these paintings and set out to sell them in the turist areas. I was successful. One man made me a lot of money. He asked for a Mona Lisa. He was specific about Mona Lisa looking just like her but sexy and Cuban. I created this. Cuba in the back and well, that’s sexy… He’s returned several times since with friends to purchase more of my work.”


(Pedro decided to put his Cuban Mona Lisa on his business card to remind him of the first art piece that made him good money.)

“It’s been 30 years since I’ve been painting and selling my art. Making a living doing what I love. I am so happy and my wife turned out to be so proud of me.

My advice is follow your passion no matter what. I almost lost my wife in pursuit of my passion. The journey will be tough without the support of those who matter to you; in the end it is Your happiness that reigns. Follow your passion.”

Thank You for your Bendición Pedro Gonzales Ferenandez

A video showing a note pad he keeps in his pocket. Where he paints his ideas and a few exclsuive art pieces.

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