“Life is Poetry”- 84, Eurelio

It was my last day in Cuba. I ask my Cuban sister, Helen, to join me during my walk along El Malecón to catch the sunset before I left the following morning.

We came across the glowing sun which illuminated a path across the water. In front of it was a Elder man, looking into the Sunset, smoking a cigar and reading a book. PICTURE PERFECT ! I thought.

I took his photo with the Sunset and continued walking along El Malecón. Cuba was the first country I set out to take photos of Elders, I was a bit shy then. I had only taken a few steps before I felt guilty for taking his photo without his permission. I should share this photo with him.

‘Excuse me, I would like to share a photo I took of you. Sorry, I just had to take it with the Sun setting it was prefect.’

“No need to apologize. It’s a great photo. If you wanted me to be your model you should have. I don’t mind. I’ll be your model. Take another photo. You can’t see my good looks in the other one.”

“I am 84-years-old, though my soul is 20-years-old. I sit here most evenings after work to enjoy my cigar, a little rum, read poetry, as the Sun sets. Life is Poetry. We are surrounded by it everyday. The Wind, the Sun, the Ocean, Trees, and those are just a few. Life is Beautiful, Life is Poetry.”

(As a gift, Eurelio signs and gives me a poetry book of an admired Cuban hero and Poet, Jose Martí.💛)

Thank you Eurelio for sharing your poetic perspective on Life and for being my model 😉.

Below is a snippet of Eurelio and Helen sharing their favorite poem of Jose Martí.


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