Intentional and unintentional Auxiliary Officer Bergman gives great advice !

Ugh! I’m an iiiidiiottt!

I’m still working on feeling completely comfortable with starting up a conversation with our Elders to ask for advice. Breaking the ice isn’t always easy. It gets better with experience. The nerves, the what if’s, the doubt is present, you must however, power-through. I am conscious about words I use. Older People or Seniors are on my ‘do not use’ list. Preferably, Elders or people with experience is the way to go.

THIS DAY HOWEVER, I was nervous. Eager to speak with the Elder AUX Officer with his great mustache working the NYC Marathon. We’re in Central Park. A line of people are waiting to ask questions. I stand in line and begin to get closer and closer to him thinking “What am I doing ? What am I doing?” – We are now face-to-face. I pitch !

“Hi! I’m Melissa. Have a question for you. One you probably weren’t asked all day. I’m working on a project where I’m seeking advice from ‘Older People’ to give to a younger generation about anything ….”

‘older people ?! older people !!! ahhh. I hope he didn’t catch that.’

He replies.

“Well, let’s start by looking for Older People.”

SO EMBARRASSING !! Just wanted to takeoff running into the race to hide amongst the other marathoners. I couldn’t believe it. Ugh. Thankfully, he was a good sport and we laughed it off.

He unintentionally advised – what I already knew- “Older People” can be offensive or not received well. Ugh!

His intentional advice was great.

“I enjoy retirement very much, and, I love spending my retirement days doing what I Love most, what people generally call a job.

I’d like to offer two advices:

One, Spend your life making a means of money doing what you Love. You’ve heard it before, it won’t feel like a job.

Second, make good parents. It’s very hard on teens to make a good start for themselves when they don’t have the help, support, or foundation. Make it easy for your kids to do good in life. Make good parents.”

Thank you for your intentional and unintentional Bendición Auxiliary Officer Roger Bergman.

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