About Bendición

Hi! I’m Melissa. I started Bendición with the aspiration to share with You the abundance of stories, advice, and wisdom, that have been shared with me by our Elders.

Inevitably, at some point during class the Elderly and I would have conversations about life. They’d willingly spill knowledge, openly shared stories, and warmly give advice. What started off as an idea to offer them a gift, truly turned into an an abundance of Blessings for me. Blessings I had to share.

I listened and heard the words of wisdom they’ve told. It enables me to learn from their experiences and apply those lessons to my life as I cross those paths. In listening a seed of life grew within like vines spreading through my body and embodied my Soul. I knew I had to memorialize these Words of Life into a garden that will blossom your journey through the lips of those before Us.

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